Winning a game is like making one of your wishes come true. Not that they were impossible, but rather, it isĀ  just too difficult to achieve. And the satisfaction that one can get from a win tournament makes a person so happy. Even if the world has a lot of problem.

We just had one. We had our victory during our first game of this season.A victory that is so satisfying due to the fact that it was never given in the past. And so the victory seems to be so sweet.

We know that we still has many opponents to face, but this first win will never be the last. And it will be our inspiration to do more. To give more. To win more.

The ball is round, and so thus life. Enjoy the moment and live for the moment. And make some goals.


Like every Filipino in this country, I am so proud of the People’s Champ achievement. I mean, Mr. Manny Pacquiao had bagged another feather to the cap of each filipino.

And it have been amazing how he had knock out Mr. Hatton. The game was so good. And if you have been there at our house, the excitement was tremendous. It makes everyone of us shout and giggle for joy.

As the first slip of Mr.Hatton happened, everyone were shouting. You can feel the intensity in our house.

Well, I guess Pacman’s victory is God’s plan in his life.

I hope he still wins in his coming games.

Like Father Like Son

Michael Jordan, an icon in the NBA worlds were in tears after the victory of his son’s team,the Chicago Whitney Young team on a 69-66 win against the Waukegan.

Marcus Jordan, scored 19 points in the said event, sealing the victory with his 3 free throws shot.

The Chicago Bull’s icon, was seen clapping with tears in his eyes, while Marcus’ teams were celebrating at the court.

Michael Jordan is a sure proud father to his sons who were following his gigantic footsteps in the Basketball World.


August 2020