Magic on the go…

After losing two games in the NBA finals, Magic didn’t let the third game slip from their grip.

Winning the third game means that a more thrilling games are coming. This means that the NBA best-of-seven match is not a boring one, dominated by few teams. Each teams had their own say. Their own hidden talents that they can show.

I think this season would be an exciting one.

NBA finals

Basketball is a world-renowned game. In every country the trend is so much close to each other, here in the Philippines, every street, every Baranggays have their own Basketball Court. And so, Filipinos are Basketball fanatics.

The NBA finals, the best-of-seven game, is one of the most interesting topic that everyone in school is talking about. About, who shoot those? Or, any questions that can relate to this set of final games.

The L. A. Lakers had won the first two¬† games in the seven games, though it doesn’t make them confident on winning, still, it gives them the fame and the right to brag about it.

But then, I guess the Magic will never let the audience down, I’m sure they would show a great game.

Like Father Like Son

Michael Jordan, an icon in the NBA worlds were in tears after the victory of his son’s team,the Chicago Whitney Young team on a 69-66 win against the Waukegan.

Marcus Jordan, scored 19 points in the said event, sealing the victory with his 3 free throws shot.

The Chicago Bull’s icon, was seen clapping with tears in his eyes, while Marcus’ teams were celebrating at the court.

Michael Jordan is a sure proud father to his sons who were following his gigantic footsteps in the Basketball World.


August 2020