Last night, out of the blue he reminded me that “in 1 month and 8 days, we’re gonna be 1 year. ”

Ahw. :”> YES, it will be 1 year of joy ride in this relationship. And I’m excited. I’m always excited to celebrate each month that we had. We’re not perfect and this relationship is not also, but this one is strong. We had our own share of bumps and curves, of highs and downs. And every little detail that you get from any relationship. This one is unique, it’s long distance. But, we made sure that we will be there for each other no matter what.

I think, until now, a lot of people wouldn’t believe that this love is true. That this love is strong enough, maybe for them. But not for us. This is real, we don’t need everyone’s approval to continue this relationship. And I think everyone of us has an idealistic self within us. And I guess, people should stop destroying those parts of other people just because they don’t believe what that person believes in. I think people should start respecting what other people wanted to believe in. And I think this world, would be a better place.

Oh, well, I’m just happy and please be happy for me. 🙂 I love him. ^__^


Keeping up with Object-oriented Programming

Programming :))

Let’s face it, programming is not that easy. No, it was never easy for me.But, I think the practice and the training I got from the university made me who I am not–not yet an expert but I think I am knowledgeable enough. I am on the final hurdle of my student’s life. And guess what, I am on the edge of wanting to finish it sooner. Yes, if I have all the capability and the power I would have done it. I want to start facing the real world. And I think when a person graduates from the University or starts to have his or her job, you can have your freedom. This one is applicable only to me. 🙂

But before blabbering about everything that I want, there is one thing that I should say here. OOP is somewhat difficult. At first. Yes, my final system as my Special Problem is all about Object Oriented Programming. Yes, and I suck at this one. I mean, I was trained to do it in the traditional way. So relearning OOP is somewhat difficult. It means tracing the whole code when you want something to be changed. And tracing some more when you want to add a certain function. And messing up a lot of the functions when you add yours. Programming is really tedious.

And something that I learned from this one : “When it’s working, don’t mess it up.” 😉

And so, now after almost a month of reading and testing the codes I now know the basics. :)) yeah. Sorry, but my capability as a programmer is not yet that advance, so I learn things slowly. But, once on track, I want to learn more. And yes, I now know how to make objects, instances and call the get functions and inherit methods and so on. I don’t want to get too technical here, I am not yet an expert in this one.

I wish I could finish them all before the end of September, I still lack three modules. Wish me luck, hope I can squeeze those three in two days. 😀

Planning and Doing Things Right

I have this problem when it comes to planning, sometimes I really can’t follow what my plans are. Let’s face it, I sometimes have an addiction to being hooked on things that I am doing for leisure. I like social networking sites. I go to Facebook, Plurk, Twitter and Tumblr and spend a lot of time there. When I say a lot, it really means a lot. Just to give you that feeling that I’m serious on what I am saying. And err, I’m awake almost the whole day; I sleep for only 4 hours or a mere 6 hours and on some occasions for only 2 hours. And yes, it’s not really that hard for me to cope with this situation. My body just needs a few hours of sleep for me to be in a hyper-mode the next day. I don’t really know.

Back to planning, I need some things to clear up my mind. Hmm, you really can’t get out of the things that you get hooked with. And maybe they were right, I really have an addiction. Addiction on my leisure activities. And yes, sadly it’s not physical anymore, I sit in front of the computer the whole day and surf the net or program. Yeah, I program but I think spending too much time in the internet is quite bad. I have to balance everything.

I miss sleeping late because I can’t get my hands off on a book. I miss this part of me, the reader, the one who imagines about the scenes on the book and never relying on the movies. I miss playing soccer, though I still have some issues over it, there is still a part of me who wants to kick the ball and sweat and run like crazy and catches my breath. The adrenaline rush you get from a good game. I have to say, this one is the thing that I thought would stay with me, not just the game but the people. I’m not saying that they left me but sometimes the changes in your life makes you realize some things. The team has changed over time and I hope it is for the best, if I wasn’t able to be a good part of the team before, then so be it. I guess, I have the memories now, I really can’t say when will I be able to get on the field and laugh like the way it used to be.

So, before I get too dramatic here. I realized that I should really make my plans work. I’m seriously hating my attitude over these things. This is somewhat depressing. I know I’m good at cramming, but cramming doesn’t get you anywhere. It doesn’t give you something that is good, but maybe the fulfillment and the pride is there when you pass something because you were a good crammer. But no, cramming is not a good practice.

I hope I don’t get to eat what I am saying here. I need to plan and make it work and be productive. 🙂


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