A night spent with some special people

5 years ago, I met these people. We were on the same degree program when we enter the University of the Philippines Mindanao, and after 4 or 5 years we were on our separate ways; trying to find our place in this world. Yep, the real world is much more different from the academe. In the academe, you get your allowance from your parents, you go to school to learn and sometimes, you fail. And it’s okay, it’s part of growing up, of maturing and making yourself ready to what lies ahead.

And after the 4 years or 5 years or 6 years, for some, it’s a new world after all. A very different from the one we used to have. And I totally missed them. For all the things that we’ve done together, for all the difficult lessons and the hell week’s we’ve survived, it’s an experience I don’t want to forget.

Last December 23, 2011, we had our 2nd reunion. Errm, 2nd because the first one was last December 18, 2011 and I was still in Cebu that time and I can’t fly back to Davao. The first stop was Zabadani, an Arabic-inspired cafe with foods. We had fun talking and updating each other of the whereabouts of each other. It’s an amazing place. There are no chairs so we just sat on the mini beds and chatted while waiting for the food. Played some games and there was so much laughter in the air. Something that I really miss.

After eating our hearts out, the next destination was Dover Lanes, a bowling place in Davao. We played bowling (Of course! ) And I’m not really good at it. After an hour or so, we went out from there. And my hands were aching. 😀 But I’m happy with all this.

After it, we went to Mcdo to unwind and relax before going home. Reminiscing the past was so fun. There was too much happiness. We were laughing remembering all the foolishness and the things that we’ve done. Talking about a lot of things  over burger, fries and coffee.









It’s a well spent night. Something I’ll remember and will look forward for the next.










Things to do in 2012

I had stopped making New Year’s Resolution for a long time now. They don’t take effect in my life, it’s either I forget about them or they don’t really matter to me. And so, I had a new activity to celebrate the New Year; I decided to make a list of the things that  I should do before 2012 ends. 🙂 A good 1 year is enough for these activities.

And so here are some of them.. I still have some more days to add some more on this list.

1. Meet my boyfriend.

2. Play soccer.

3. Wear 5-inch stiletto.

4. Buy new phone.

5. New dress.

6. New shoes.

7. Save money in my bank account. ($_$)

8. Travel to new places.

9. Buy soccer ball.

10.  Get Passport.

Still thinking… I’ll update this tomorrow or sooner before the year ends. 😉

Things I don’t deserve?

I just realize that sometimes I really need to cry just to get what I want. I wonder why people love to see me crying. It hurts more than anything else, when you feel that sometimes, you don’t deserve the things you want the most.

I tried to make everything work, to balance everything. But sometimes I fail. Or, should I say I always fail? I wanted to do a lot of things.

I hate crying, but I am the most cry baby among us. I usually cry on small things. I get to cry everyday because of small things. 😦

First month in Cebu

I may not be superwoman or will never be any superhero that you’ve heard about. I’m just the girl who wants to achieve something while building relationships with people around me. From my family, friends up to my love life. Yep, just like everyone else, I want to do everything in the right way or in any way as long as I would achieve what I perceive I could.

Since November, I’m staying in Cebu for a training which includes Nihonggo, PhilNits Review and Technical courses. Of course, these are helpful tools that I can use to be globally competitive and at the same time to achieve something, ACTION training is tough. I’ve heard of it’s toughness from people who accomplished a lot because they made it through out of ACTION.

It’s tough, the exams, the vocabularies and all the programming that we are doing. I tried my best to balance everything; but it seems I’m going to lose somethings along the way. But, no the fight is still on, it will never be too late until you quit.

And so, when I go back to Cebu to continue the training, I’ll make sure I can balance everything. 😉


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