Davao’s Mayor Sarah

A lot of fuzz has been heard over what the Mayor of Davao City did to a court sheriff. And I think a thought from someone inside Davao is better be heard. Yeah, I am not someone important in this city,but my voice is better be heard.

I am for the Mayor. I am not saying that what she did was right, smacking someone is not a right thing to do, but looking deeper, somewhat she has a reason to do it. I would rather smack someone than lost a lot of lives. A 2-hour extension before the demolition team would tear down thousands of properties. Of course, anyone whose home would be destroyed by the demolition team would do anything to stop what was suppose to happen.

The Mayor, after trying to help the flood-stricken citizen on the other parts of Davao, asked the sheriff and the judge to give her a 2-hour extension for her to be there, so as to avoid loss of lives. 2 hours is not long, it will make the demolition easier without even the slightest chance for anyone to get hurt. That was a spur of the moment. And we should also try to understand that the Mayor is undergoing a lot of things, she has a city to protect so she needs understanding.

She’s only protecting her people. She cared for her people. Davao has been and will always be the Safest place for anyone to live due to the protection of our local government.

This is one of the most livable city around the world, and we know that our Mayor would do anything to protect us. The bad comments of people outside of Davao city will never matter to her.  Her mind is focused to her city and her people and for that I salute her.


Flash Flood in Davao City

The number of casualties from the June 27th flash flood is still not fixed due to the fact that there are still a lot of people that are missing.

Davao City is one of the cities in the Philippines that is not visited by typhoon. It is a rare situation that a typhoon would visit Davao, for the last thirty years Davao’s typhoon visit is only one. And so, flood is a rare one here.

But last 27th of June, a Thunderstorm hits Davao. Heavy rains pour and around 11 am the water started to rise. Parts of Davao city has been submerged to water. And before anyone can know it the height of the water is almost at the roof.

The aftermath was seen in the morning, around 25 plus people died and some are missing. 25,000 families are affected. Some completely lost their home and some lost everything. Household parts, appliances and cars are everywhere. Evacuation was ordered afterwards and the bridge connecting the southern part of Davao to the Downtown area is inaccessible.

A lot of people suffered from the flood that everyone didn’t anticipate. Until now, the government and other LGU’s and some private organization are trying to fix the problems around Davao.

Davao will be able to rise from this problem as long as people would help each other.


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