Trying to learn Japanese

Since ACTION started, my Japanese lessons started also– it’s part of the training I am undergoing right now. And it’s amazing, how fast everything is going and it seems I’m not really good enough to catch up with everything so fast. The new words, the new sentence patterns and all the things that you can associate when you are learning a new language. I think I have this not so good learning process that I really consumes a lot of time before I’d be able to understand everything in it. Though, it is a different story when I learn new Programming language. They are really different, but programming language is easier compared to learning new language.

I guess my love for the Japanese language is still there. I’m really amazed by this language from the very beginning. I’m a bit jealous when my friends took a subject way back in college that is about the Japanese language. As a result, they were teaching me the basics and a few words and sentences with it. I guess, it was helpful today. Though I know I still have a lot to learn.

And the up coming mock exam is getting on my nerve. Geez. I’m supposed to be studying right now, but here I am on the net, surfing and a little bit irresponsible. But, nope. It’s not yet too late.



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