Davao’s Mayor Sarah

A lot of fuzz has been heard over what the Mayor of Davao City did to a court sheriff. And I think a thought from someone inside Davao is better be heard. Yeah, I am not someone important in this city,but my voice is better be heard.

I am for the Mayor. I am not saying that what she did was right, smacking someone is not a right thing to do, but looking deeper, somewhat she has a reason to do it. I would rather smack someone than lost a lot of lives. A 2-hour extension before the demolition team would tear down thousands of properties. Of course, anyone whose home would be destroyed by the demolition team would do anything to stop what was suppose to happen.

The Mayor, after trying to help the flood-stricken citizen on the other parts of Davao, asked the sheriff and the judge to give her a 2-hour extension for her to be there, so as to avoid loss of lives. 2 hours is not long, it will make the demolition easier without even the slightest chance for anyone to get hurt. That was a spur of the moment. And we should also try to understand that the Mayor is undergoing a lot of things, she has a city to protect so she needs understanding.

She’s only protecting her people. She cared for her people. Davao has been and will always be the Safest place for anyone to live due to the protection of our local government.

This is one of the most livable city around the world, and we know that our Mayor would do anything to protect us. The bad comments of people outside of Davao city will never matter to her.  Her mind is focused to her city and her people and for that I salute her.


Birthdays And Surprises

I just turned 21. Can you believe it? I’ve been living this world for 21 years already. LOL. Let me just share with you what happened that day. It was a day I thought was an ordinary one but became a more special one.

It all started when the clock hits 12 midnight of June 26th, it was my birthday already. And so facebook wall posts started to pour in, I don’t care if they just remembered my birthday because of facebook, let me just be happy about it. I only turn 21 once.

And then I received an international call from my boyfriend. Hehe. Yep, he lives a thousand miles away from me. Or you can also say, oceans and mountain away from me, but the less than 1 minute greetings made me happy. I requested him to sing for me, but he told me to do it later, he was still on the bus for a ride home.

And so back to the wall posts, chats and messages from my friends.

In the morning, well, he has a duty that day, but before he goes to work he sang happy birthday to me. :D. I became the happiest birthday celebrant that moment. I like it when people sing happy birthday to me even though it feels awkward. But this time, I feel so special. I wonder what’s in his voice that made me so happy.

My cousin sent me a cake with a Hello Kitty on top of it. Haha. I feel like I turned 12 rather than 21. XD

Mama and Papa prepared some food for my birthday and so those classmates and friends who lives nearby were the only people that were invited. I don’t like planning my birthday. So, it turned out that I have 3 guests. LOL.

And then his bigger surprise came in. He told my friend Hanae to buy a cake and some flowers for me. Waah. This is the first time that someone gave me a flower. And yeah, he’s really living abroad, a million miles away from me, but he was able to give me that kind of surprise. 😀 And he sent me a long sweet message and a sweeter note .

So we had dinner at home with a lot of talking. And some gossips. And talked to some friends over skype, well, my birthday is on a Sunday so everyone is at their respective home.

It was fun. We watched a local sitcom which made us laugh some more. And then, we had our good nights. And then, his mother called me asking me if I was able to receive the package they sent me, and I was so confuse that time, I wasn’t even able to process that one of his surprises was spoiled, due to the failure of the delivery company. Tsk.

So we had our usual midnight chat, yep, we can’t find any other time to chat because of the time difference. And he was a little disappointed that his surprise was ruined. But I was already the happiest and the luckiest birthday celebrant.

And so his surprise became a belated one.

And that was it, I’m in cloud nine every time I remembered his effort and all the things he did to show me that he cares and he values me. Thanks to him and to everyone who made my birthday special.

chieckerzon’s birthday


Happy birthday Chieckerzon Molina….

Thanks sa mga happy moments.

I really do appreciate your existence in my life.

Thank you. I will never forget you. Our friendship.

Hope  God will bless you, everyday of your life.

The compsci ’06 really do love you….


Happy birthday Princess

princess (2nd lady from the left wearing black)

princess (2nd lady from the left wearing black)

Just wanna say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS…” in the best way that I can. Thanks for all the happy memories. God bless!!!!

And more birthdays to come…

love yah!!!!


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