Hinata’s Confession

crush to love....

crush to love....

This chapter is heartbreaking. After the death of many important ninja in Konoha, another one is coming. And the most hurtful fact, is that this was the only moment that Hinata had confessed, what she really feel for Naruto.

It has that factor of truthfulness and that of sweetness. But guys, It’s really painful. Those things makes everyone’s wanting to read the next episode to the next level. I mean, I want to know if Hinata would bade goodbye.

And the fact that Naruto had awaken the Six tails of the Kyubi, the first time in the story, makes the next chapter exciting. And what is the prophecy those toads were talking about.

I love this chapter, because, it had touched the fact that Naruto’s existence is life-changing. Making other people’s life a better one. I’ll keep my finger close, and hope that Peace will resume in our beloved town, Konoha.


Slumdog Millionaire final review

The plot of this film, does not just touch the deeper human inside us; rather it hits us in a much more deeper manner. It makes you see life in another part of the world, where reality show is a real thing. Like death and hunger. Through the eyes of the young Jamal, a lot of heartaches and experiences were unravel. “you don’t have to be a genius” was the answer of the young man, when ask how did he knows all the answer to the questions. Simple, but makes sense. Through the questions, significant event in his life were shown. How can you forget what the god Rama has on his hands when you saw it the day your mother died? Or the man on some foreigner’s bill, if it had caused you a pain and became the way of finding your loved one? This events in Jamal’s life, were for real, maybe he was just too unlucky or so lucky that winning the game show was not that easy. Aside from the fact that he was thought to be a cheater, the questions also brought some heartbreaking experiences with it. I’m sure, this film is not a typical one for it had bagged so many awards from prominent award-giving body, including Oscar. Wow!!!!! Double wow, for they had bagged 8 out of the ten awards where they were nominated for.


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