New Moon on the go…

The long wait is over…

Twilight-addict, twilight fans, twilighters or whatever you call yourself. New moon’s trailer can now be seen on video feeder sites. Those Bella and Edward fanatics can now see them.

And I guess all of you would love this.


Thanks to YouTube 😉


Jacob seems to be more handsome than before.

Robert Pattinson and Stewart is not dating!!!!

Well, when everyone had accepted the fact that Rob is not dating Kristen, a column in a tabloid was written that the two were seen hhww(holding hands while walking) in a grocery in Vancouver.

Go0sh, it makes all those twilight fans to go on hilarious can-you-believe this news. Of course, everyone wants their idols to be with each other, it’s about those chemistry that all of us had seen in Twilight. And guyz I want to see the next movie. grrrrrr…

But to tell ou frankly, Rob and Kris deny that there was something goint between them. Kris has still his boyfriend and she said she don’t want to break up with him just to satisfy their fans.

They are better off friends right now. Right?

Well, I’m still crossign my fingers on this.

Robert Pattinson At the end of the board game

mr. little vampire

mr. little vampire

Twilight fans!!!!


And Everyone who loves Edward and Bella and Twilight, a new board game is about to come out. It’s the twilight board game, where the scenes in the movie are on the board. One needs to roll the dice until you can finish it and go to the prom.

Well, this cool news would excite the fan of Twilight Fans. It’s an addition to the bunch of twilight collectibles that you have.

But, girls, Edward Cullen won’t be at the finish line(the prom).

We’ll only wish he will be there.

Robert Pattinson

Recent reports says that Edward Cullen is back in the U.S. The star in the hit movie twilight is hitting the hollywood again. And guess what, he was spotted finishing dinner at a French Bistro in Hollywood.

Hmmm, I think this is part of the launching of the DVD’s of twilight.

Well, I think, this cutie actor, is popping in midnight bars until twilight in Hollywood. Just like the freedom that he has at London.

So, girls, hang out. You might want a bit of Robert Pattinson.


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