SEO and Stuffs

Let’s face it, marketing online and business online are among the most popular job or business that people does nowadays. Aside from the fact that they are convenient(you just stay at home, sit in front of your computer and earn money), there are a lot of room for improvements and learning new things from day 1 never ceases and hmm– it’s easy money when you know a lot of things or when you are willing to learn a lot of new stuff.

Let me just clear it I’m not an SEO-expert, not yet. I got this new job with a good pay and I’m glad that I’m learning a lot from it. It’s not easy, but I think this job is better than the previous that I had. I’m a Computer Science major and I think I owe it to myself to learn things like this. I know this is not part of what I have learned from school but learning those things might be good on my resume.

I’m still on the final stage before I graduate. Let just say, the final hurdle. The most crucial part so I’m a bit busy too, but I won’t stop this job. I need this. I want this.

One of the lesson that people should know about SEO and stuffs and other internet marketing and online business and others is that they all requires a lot of patience. And know where you should get your information from. šŸ˜‰

Free Microsoft Windows suite

Believe it or not. Microsoft will be giving away for free its microsoft windows suite which includes Word, Excel and Powerpoint. This free windows will gonna be its answer to Google’s docs, the free document and spreadsheet editing tool.

I think this idea is hard for Microsoft to make, because, the windows is one of its most profitable product that they have, according to report, the windows suite gives Microsoft its $9.3 billion profit in their $14.3 billion total software sales.

But, i guess, the main reason for this is of course the competition in the market of computers, which includes the internet, software programs and all those hardware stuff.

Also, Google has its own web browser, Google Chrome, which is I think is so good.

May the best business enthusiast win this battle to rule over the computer industry.

Being safe

Safety is one of the things that is so important in our life, right? Ā Because our life is characterized by the safetiness of our surroundings. Whether it is in our home, in our community or even if we are driving our own car.

When someone has his or her own car, it is a must that one must have an insurance in order to protect ourselves from future damages and some inevitable accidents.

One’s insurance must not be that expensive. It must be cheaper and more of quality.It means that in selecting insurance for your car, you don’t have to pay for some other things that you don’t need. It means that your getting the most from your payment.

On-line insurance car policy is now a trend in our society. It helps us in the most convenient way that we know.

My sister got her own insurance from cheap auto insurance on-line, with the help of the cheap auto insurance quotes and she still thinks that it is really the best insurance policy that she got.

Deciding where to buy quality insurance in a lower price is just a one-shot hit in our life. So learn from the cheap auto insurance quotes. right!!!

Technology on the Go…



Believe me or not, but I guess having an iphone, ipod touch, ps3, wii, or even an xbox arcade, can make every teenagers life as adventurous asĀ  ever. And getting those “techy” things can make anyone happy.

Aside from that, in this era of computers, cellphones and technologies that were not possible 100 years ago, having this things nearly reach the Need part. But, 0f course, we should know that this things were wants. *giggles* More


August 2020