The curios case of Benjamin Button

This film really touches a person in a deeper manner, moreover, the story is great.I mean, it leaves the viewer that sense of fear, that in this vast world, one might woke up and see this curios case unfold infront of you.

I’m just kidding, but the truth is, I’m a little bit distressed by the story.


This line by Benjamin, played by Brad Pitt, is one of the coolest line I’ve heard in the movie.

This movie talks about love and any other things under the sun.

Hope you enjoy this one.


This Love [Romaji] by Angela Aki

Ai ga areba heiwa da to
Dareka ga kuchi ni shiteita
Unazuku hito mo ireba, utagau hito mo iru

Kurushimi ga aru kara koso
Anata wo dakishimeru toki
Sono ude no yasashi sa wo
Heiwa to kanjiru no deshou

Aru toki kara mukuchi ni nari kokoro wo shimekiri
Kono koi ga hikisakare sou ni natta

*Kasaneta kono te wo
Kondo wa hanasa nai
Shinjiru chikara ga
Ai wo jiyuu ni suru

Yuujou ni sukuwaretari,
Mirai wo souzou shitari
Shiawase wa mieru keredo
Jibun wo miru koto wa nai

Yakusoku to iu watashi-tachi no KONPASU dakedewa
Kono koi wa hougaku wo miushinau no

**Kiseki wo matsu yori
Kono te wo tsunagitai
Shinjiru chikara ga
Watashi wo jiyuu ni suru

Kono koi wo osorezu ni
You dont have to fear this love,this love


Slumdog Millionaire

This Oscar Nominated film is about a boy named Jamal Malik, an 18-year-old who lives on slums of India. The conflict starts when Malik was arrested due to fraud or cheating because he’s near the 25-million dollar part of the “Who wants to be a millionaire”. And everyone were suspecting that he is cheating, because he is not educated and everyone thinks that in his ability, he might be cheating the game.

He defends himself by telling his life story. Where every single experience of hardship and heartbreaks were given to him. And this was the thing that made him answer those questions.

I think, this film is great. With this plot, I’m not surprised it had made its way to the Oscars.

Films like this are great.

Gossip girl news

ggs cast

gg's cast

Who can forget this tag line: “You’re nobody until you’re talked about.”

Of course, Gossip girl, the hit television series, is maddening and addicting, due to its super glamorous plot. In a world of money, fame and connections, the intertwining life of this teens were shaped. Where fashion statements and who-your-boyfriend-is matter.

Here is the guide for the episode 16-18 of season 2.


Everyone wants to be in Yale. And Serena just received her acceptance letter. And a new teacher came, that would be Blair’s first match. Who will give her a B. Introducing Ms. Rachel Carr, a Shakespeare teacher. While Lily and Chuck, want to stop the tyranny of Uncle Jack over Bass’s Industry.


Blair’s revenge is composed of course of gossip that Dan and teacher Carr were dating, and was accidentally confirmed by Serena seeing Dan met Ms. Carr at a coffee shop. Blair’s victory.While, Chuck woke up in a strange hotel, and calls Nate and Vanessa for help.


Chuck wanted so badly to unravel the mystery of his father. Which led him to meet the mysterious Elle. Carr refuses to have her job back, but rather spent her time with Dan in her apartment. Nate catches Vanessa flirting, and went to Blair for support. While, Rufus and Lily plans to merge their household but Chuck would do everything to stop this.

Well gg-fanatic, I hope you enjoy this.


Grammy gossips

Believe it or not, Chris Brown and Rihanna didn’t make it to the Grammy awards night, where they were supposedly to perform. And a lot of buzz were out.

First, Brown was in jail for hitting a woman, who turns up to be Rihanna. Even if herĀ  name is not yet confirmed. Brown bail out of jail, costing him a $50,000. Wow!!!!!

Reports were given out that the woman did suffer injury and some other things.

Hmm, this is somewhat a what-a-news things.

Good day!!!

Starting all over again…

After some things fall apart, one needs to pick up all the shattered pieces and start all over again. Well, we lost the Acosta Cup, and sad to say, the game was disappointing.

Maybe, our hearts were lost, somewhere from the first goal to the things that doesn’t have sense.

I think, what we need to improve is the bond of this team.

love yah guyz…

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