Breaking the Seal

After the transformation of Naruto to the six-tailed Kyubi, Pain has felt now the rage of the Naruto, deep within him. Pain has now seen the powerful Naruto. And was amazed by it.

Other characters such as Yamato, Tsunade and other Ninjas from the village were trying to save the other villagers to evacuate Konoha, for now is the right time to do so. Naruto might not control the Kyubi. He cannot determine a friend from a foe.

what I love about this chapter is the fact that Hinata is not yet dead. I hope the other s can save her.

Where will Pain lead Naruto and the kyubi?

Will there be a back-up plan that Pain had manipulated…

Geez, I can’t wait to read the next chapters….

Hinata’s Confession

crush to love....

crush to love....

This chapter is heartbreaking. After the death of many important ninja in Konoha, another one is coming. And the most hurtful fact, is that this was the only moment that Hinata had confessed, what she really feel for Naruto.

It has that factor of truthfulness and that of sweetness. But guys, It’s really painful. Those things makes everyone’s wanting to read the next episode to the next level. I mean, I want to know if Hinata would bade goodbye.

And the fact that Naruto had awaken the Six tails of the Kyubi, the first time in the story, makes the next chapter exciting. And what is the prophecy those toads were talking about.

I love this chapter, because, it had touched the fact that Naruto’s existence is life-changing. Making other people’s life a better one. I’ll keep my finger close, and hope that Peace will resume in our beloved town, Konoha.


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