Sometimes and as Always

While browsing through my stories, posts and even status updates on different social networking sites I noticed that I have been frequently using the word “sometimes.”  In any sense, this word is one of the words which implies that the user is in doubt. There is no time frame as to when an event happens, or there is a doubt that it will happen again. Or it may imply that the user of the word had an experience of those things once, twice or thrice and it had a great impact on their life that if it will happen again they might react in the same manner again. If it will happen again.

Sometimes is most likely equivalent to doubt. And just as anyone would say: the way you act or the way you eat or even the way you write reflects who you really are. Yes. I can really agree. I’m one of the world’s number one doubter. I doubt even my capabilities. I doubt promises. I doubt tomorrows. I even doubt if I’ll ever wake up in the morning, or if my plane will make it to the airport.

Doubting is not a problem as long as you strive to push it away. To fight your inner paranoia– to really believe that the word trust do exist. Trust yourself. Trust the people around you. Trust the sun to shine tomorrow. Trust your eyes to open in the morning. Trust that pilot is capable of what he is doing– that he is trusting himself and his capabilities.

It’s difficult when you still can’t get over this childish issue. As long as you’re trying and it’s not yet eating you alive, you’ll make it.  Trust me. :’) Sometimes and as always.


Streak of Sunlight over my Shukudai

And morning came, streaks of sunlight came through from the window and when I opened my eyes, I was greeted by this. A streak of sunlight unto my shukudai(assignment in Japanese). This is my life since November last year. Bombarded by assignments, quizzes and unending projects and programming. I’m not in school anymore, I’m in an extensive training to become a well-rounded developer.

It’s an extensive training–extensive is some sort of underestimation. It’s tough and sometimes it will bring you to the edge of your sanity, just kidding. It’s tough, to tell the truth. It’s like putting you in a situation as to how will you react when you need to prioritize and manage your time correctly.

I’m not really good at managing my time and at prioritizing things but I’m trying my best to be as good as I could be. I fail, I usually fail but I hope I can still cope with this.

Let the morning come and let those sunlight brighten up my day and enlighten my mind and open it up to be as good as I could be.

Nightmares with eyes wide open

This is an old book from Stephen King and as usual it is one of the best book that I have ever read. Yep, I really love reading. And this is better than watching those movies that came from book. It’s like recreating a new world or maybe a new movie but this time you became the director of the movie. And you have the capability of not cutting any part of the book that you think is important. That’s my dilemma over movie that came from  book. They usually cut my favorite part. 😦

That’s terrible for me, it’s like telling me that those important parts are not.

Anyway, I got this book from a friend. I really do want to read Stephen King’s books but it’s the chance and the money–quite expensive, that’s giving me those sort of hesitations. I love reading and this writer is one of the best storyteller I have encountered my whole life.

His stories for me are the best, as what the title of this post tells you– it’s like having nightmares with eyes wide open–deep into his thought and drowning over the scenes and the fast pacing, brain-racking situations that I wished that I never decided to read this at 12 midnight. It’s fun and this one, with it’s 20 short stories is like the best of them all. Will buy some more when I get the chance. 😀


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