Typhoon Feria in the Philippines

After the cases of Influenza A(h1n1) had infiltrated the Philippines. A new dilemma is here. A new typhoon had hit the Philippines—Typhoon Feria. Some classes were suspended due to this typhoon. And also some bad effects were seen in the Luzon part of the Philippines. On places, were “ipo-ipo” had occured. And also in one small town, there was a snow-rain.

The big problem now, are the stranded passengers of ships because the Philippine Coast Guard had ordered to cancel all trip so as to insure the safety of all the passengers.

This typhoon will be worsening the influenza A(h1n1) because the public might be getting wrong impression. Because in this rainy season, the seasonal flu is very rampant. And this might arise the panic of the public because they might think that they have A(h1n1), though, they only has this seasonla flu.

I hope the typhoon would be ending soon.

39 Cases of A(H1N1) virus in the Philippines

Just this morning, the Health Secretary of the Philippines confirmed that there were 6 new cases of influenza A virus in the Philippines, reaching the swine flu cases to 39 people.

The virus that came from Mexico, which then spread to more than 40 countries, and lately the flu had entered the Philippines. This was worsened by the opening of the School year 2009-2010. Students from abroad are going home, and virus-carrier might be one of them.

The Department of Health of the Philippines advised those students to self-quarantine themselves for 10 days to assure that they don’t have the disease by the time they go to school.Spread of the virus is faster in the School premises due to the fact that student interact with each other.

The Department of Education is ready for an outbreak. They would suspend classes if ever a spread would be reported.

I hope the disease won’t spread out.

I know that the government will help us in this.


August 2020