The way a woman should be called

Women are complicated, so to say. We have our own preferences when it comes to dress, shoes, being address to or even on how we should be treated. It’s a matter of woman-perspective. And sometimes, it has something to do with what we want. Sometimes, we get too over reactant on things around us because sometimes it has something to do with how the men should act.

Take for example that certain day that we had an argument on my preference on not being called ‘Miga’. In my language, it means friend, a female friend. But sometimes, it is used sarcastically, in which sometimes it is not good for me.

The male on our groups were fussing around because I was stereotyping the males who calls a woman ‘Miga’ as someone who cannot be trusted.

But for me, it has nothing to do with that. I prefer to let someone know that there are fine lines separating a stranger and my friends. I am not the most friendly person you’ll ever met, but I’m not a bad person also. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m just a woman so sometimes, I’m really complicated. ๐Ÿ™‚


Grammy gossips

Believe it or not, Chris Brown and Rihanna didn’t make it to the Grammy awards night, where they were supposedly to perform. And a lot of buzz were out.

First, Brown was in jail for hitting a woman, who turns up to be Rihanna. Even if herย  name is not yet confirmed. Brown bail out of jail, costing him a $50,000. Wow!!!!!

Reports were given out that the woman did suffer injury and some other things.

Hmm, this is somewhat a what-a-news things.

Good day!!!


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