Look Forward and Backtrack

When someone asked you about the things that you look forward in the future, what do you usually think or do??

I think the best way to know the answer to that question is to backtrack. Right? This is your chance to think about the things that you’ve done and the things that you wished you did and the things you wish you didn’t. I think the things that you would be looking forward in the near future, that can be tomorrow or the next minute from now, is based (or biased?) from the things that happened in your past.

So when someone ask you this, seize that moment, backtrack as much as you can. It’s one of those times in your life wherein you’re allowed to stare into nothing and think of the things from the past. It’s not something that happens everyday.

It’s nostalgia– always, but surely, the answer to this question is something that you don’t get from anywhere. It will open your eyes to things that you love the most– or the things that you wished you’ll do. So look forward and backtrack.

๐Ÿ™‚ Btw, thanks Jane! :*

Fighting Paranoia while walking a dark alley

I know it’s my fault for acting so cool and going out at this time of the night. I’m not the most courageous person you will ever meet in your life. I think I’m one of those who doesn’t even have the courage to face some of my fears. And tonight, I decided to walk alone. To take fast ride to the mall and then decided after 15 minutes to go back home.

It’s a waste of time. I think so. But, I did it. So move on. The problem is not the waste of time– it’s the paranoia that I get when I walk alone the dark alley that separates our apartment and the tricycle terminal. I usually pray that there would be a lot of people that would walk that alley with me. I think I’m the most unlucky person tonight. Rawr! I get to walk that path alone. It’s not that dark– there were lights, some lights from the moon. Creepy. Just kidding, I think those lights came from the nearest house to that path.

Well, that really did scare me tonight. I had this over reacting mind that exaggerates every shadow as someone who would creep from behind me and grab me and I would be too weak to defend myself. Sometimes, it’s not really healthy to be this paranoid. But, I came out alive. I arrived safely. I’m just your regular paranoid person. ~_~

So I’m really alone

In line with my last post– well, I’m really alone. And it’s a very hot Saturday afternoon. Everyone has their own things to do and I’m here–stuck at home and I still don’t have the courage to face my shukudai, sakubon and take home exam. And add a 400-character Japanese speech to that and I know this weekend will be crazier and busier than I thought. Instead of making a very good decision in making this afternoon a very productive one, here I am typing some things and thinking and typing and still don’t know which is which. ๐Ÿ˜›

Well, I got bored. So I took the liberty to have some photos with Eeyore and Jack– Jill’s stuffed toys. They are my home buddies this hot Saturday afternoon. O_o

Being Alone

Sometimes it is the silence of the day or the night that makes everything seems so clear. It’s not just sadness that makes you realize that every ย person needs some time to be alone. I’m sitting here, all alone and even though the music is playing like they should be and the voices of the neighbor can be heard– it still can’t stop me from thinking that I’m all alone now. I’m not sad and not happy at the same time. I’m at peace being alone. Sometimes, I lost words for conversation and sometimes I just love to think about anything and clear up my mind later. I love this silence and sometimes I like being alone.

Though at this part of my life, I really want to be with that special someone. I want to hold him, to see him and be with him. I know we’ll get there. Sooner. I hope, I really pray that that day would come sooner. I want to know more about him. ๐Ÿ™‚


March 2012