Nightmares with eyes wide open

This is an old book from Stephen King and as usual it is one of the best book that I have ever read. Yep, I really love reading. And this is better than watching those movies that came from book. It’s like recreating a new world or maybe a new movie but this time you became the director of the movie. And you have the capability of not cutting any part of the book that you think is important. That’s my dilemma over movie that came from  book. They usually cut my favorite part. 😦

That’s terrible for me, it’s like telling me that those important parts are not.

Anyway, I got this book from a friend. I really do want to read Stephen King’s books but it’s the chance and the money–quite expensive, that’s giving me those sort of hesitations. I love reading and this writer is one of the best storyteller I have encountered my whole life.

His stories for me are the best, as what the title of this post tells you– it’s like having nightmares with eyes wide open–deep into his thought and drowning over the scenes and the fast pacing, brain-racking situations that I wished that I never decided to read this at 12 midnight. It’s fun and this one, with it’s 20 short stories is like the best of them all. Will buy some more when I get the chance. 😀


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