Planning and Doing Things Right

I have this problem when it comes to planning, sometimes I really can’t follow what my plans are. Let’s face it, I sometimes have an addiction to being hooked on things that I am doing for leisure. I like social networking sites. I go to Facebook, Plurk, Twitter and Tumblr and spend a lot of time there. When I say a lot, it really means a lot. Just to give you that feeling that I’m serious on what I am saying. And err, I’m awake almost the whole day; I sleep for only 4 hours or a mere 6 hours and on some occasions for only 2 hours. And yes, it’s not really that hard for me to cope with this situation. My body just needs a few hours of sleep for me to be in a hyper-mode the next day. I don’t really know.

Back to planning, I need some things to clear up my mind. Hmm, you really can’t get out of the things that you get hooked with. And maybe they were right, I really have an addiction. Addiction on my leisure activities. And yes, sadly it’s not physical anymore, I sit in front of the computer the whole day and surf the net or program. Yeah, I program but I think spending too much time in the internet is quite bad. I have to balance everything.

I miss sleeping late because I can’t get my hands off on a book. I miss this part of me, the reader, the one who imagines about the scenes on the book and never relying on the movies. I miss playing soccer, though I still have some issues over it, there is still a part of me who wants to kick the ball and sweat and run like crazy and catches my breath. The adrenaline rush you get from a good game. I have to say, this one is the thing that I thought would stay with me, not just the game but the people. I’m not saying that they left me but sometimes the changes in your life makes you realize some things. The team has changed over time and I hope it is for the best, if I wasn’t able to be a good part of the team before, then so be it. I guess, I have the memories now, I really can’t say when will I be able to get on the field and laugh like the way it used to be.

So, before I get too dramatic here. I realized that I should really make my plans work. I’m seriously hating my attitude over these things. This is somewhat depressing. I know I’m good at cramming, but cramming doesn’t get you anywhere. It doesn’t give you something that is good, but maybe the fulfillment and the pride is there when you pass something because you were a good crammer. But no, cramming is not a good practice.

I hope I don’t get to eat what I am saying here. I need to plan and make it work and be productive. 🙂


Kuwait Vs. Azkals– Game Review

So the 2nd round of the qualifying match for the FIFA 2014 in Brazil for the Philippines and Kuwait was done last night– the first leg. And so, here’s my thought over this one. This maybe more on the Azkals.

The Azkals without their team Captain, Aly Borromeo and another defending midfielder, Stephan Schrock has to face Kuwait with some missing defenders. The two are among the most prominent team members who shook the field with their skills and momentum. Even before the suspension of these two guys, the Azkalas has some issues regarding their defense due to the fact that they have a lot of players who are attackers. And so, the play that they had against Sri Lanka was good enough due to the fact that they had put a lot of players on the defense but also with great effort on the midfield for penetration for the attack.

With the loss of two mid-defenders, the coach needs to fill in some gaps in the play. And so, the formation was 4-5-1, with only Phil Younghusband on the top and a lot of players on defense. The defense was good, but one can see that the penalty box is a bit crowded, with almost 8 Azkals in front of Ethridge and a mere 5 rivals, making it a good defense but somewhat messy. The counter attacks are also not strong, there are only a few moments on the first half that Phil Younghusband with Angel Guirado or James Younghusband can make it through the penalty box of the opponent– seems impossible for them to beyond the second defender. The clear was good, Phil can get the ball but a lack of support and 2-3 opponents defending for the ball seems impossible for him to make it a goal.

The two prominent attempt for a goal for the Azkals were Phil’s and Angel’s. Phil’s attempt was one of the of the few that seems lucky, outrunning the last man and facing the goalkeeper now but was too early to release the ball, and so was deflected by the keeper. And Angel’s head-shot that went for the bar, it could have been their confidence-booster.

I’ve read some comments after the game saying that Azkal’s a weak team, and for that I would never agree! They had a good game, they played intelligently, if they had lessen the number of defenders, the goal difference could have been wider. On the other side, yes, the Azkal could have scored if they had more attacking midfielders or attackers. But, we cannot deny the fact that when it comes to ball possession Kuwait’s team has an advantage. They had too much space, the Azkals were anticipating for an attack without making one for them.

This is their first time to face the Kuwait’s team, a strong team whose highest ranking on FIFA was 24th, and as of now are 50 slots higher than them, we’re not citing excuses here, what my point is the fact that Azkal is still young and they need a lot of things to learn as a team. And I hope on the 2nd leg, with the home-field advantage they can give us a better game. Last night’s was good, but we need to evolve faster; this is the highest round we had in FIFA.

As for the Kuwait’s team, they had ball possesion, maximization of the field and field switching is faster than the Azkals can anticipate, but they have to agree that it was a bit difficult to penetrate the Azkal’s defense.


Winning a game is like making one of your wishes come true. Not that they were impossible, but rather, it is  just too difficult to achieve. And the satisfaction that one can get from a win tournament makes a person so happy. Even if the world has a lot of problem.

We just had one. We had our victory during our first game of this season.A victory that is so satisfying due to the fact that it was never given in the past. And so the victory seems to be so sweet.

We know that we still has many opponents to face, but this first win will never be the last. And it will be our inspiration to do more. To give more. To win more.

The ball is round, and so thus life. Enjoy the moment and live for the moment. And make some goals.

Kicking Soccer again

Playing soccer is one of the most important thing that I want to do in my whole life. Dribbling the ball, feeling the adrenaline rush and making those split-second decision makes soccer so fun to me. Running, feeling the air in my face, and making all my muscles work as if there will be no tomorrow.

Looking at my teammates, as they play for their position, makes me wanna try my best on my position. Looking at their haggard face, minus the poise that they posses outside the soccer field, makes me wanna laugh as everyone of us forget that there was a “kikay” inside us.

I miss the ball, and so, when I played 1 hour ago, I did my best. I ran as fast as I could. I tried to goal. I tried. *laughs*

I really love this game.

5th Del Monte Football Cup

Before coming back to Mati, I went to Camp Phillips, a part of the huge plantation of Del Monte, to take part in their annual activity known as the Del Monte Football Cup. The place was terrific, I mean, the place was cool. It was so awesome going their.

The tournament had been helpful in promoting football to a lot of people. And according to some speakers, they want soccer to be popular here in the Philippines, especially in Mindanao, and its first stop would be Bukidnon.

Well, I’m so proud I did play their.

That was also the first time I ate Strawberry.

Starting all over again…

After some things fall apart, one needs to pick up all the shattered pieces and start all over again. Well, we lost the Acosta Cup, and sad to say, the game was disappointing.

Maybe, our hearts were lost, somewhere from the first goal to the things that doesn’t have sense.

I think, what we need to improve is the bond of this team.

love yah guyz…


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