The End is Near–Harry Potter 7 Part 2

One decade of giving us the best books and movies along with it. I’m happy to say that I grew up with Harry and his friends and the magical world of Hogwarts.

Like any other Harry Potter fan, I dreamed of receiving my letter from the Headmaster inviting me to Hogwarts. I maybe Muggle-born but I will surely would give 100% of my effort to be as good as Hermione. I wanna shop in Diagon Alley, drink root beers, pick my own wand and a ride from the Hogwarts Express. Gee. I will never be ashamed of dreaming of these things, J.K. Rowling had fueled the dreamer in me through Harry Potter and her mastery over her craft.

I got hooked up from the first book up to the last one. The last book will always be my favorite from the series. The thing about it is that it is an eye-opener. Every secret, every silent efforts were revealed making everything fall into their rightful places. This book gives me so much to remember, not just the words but also the way I felt when reading it.

I used to laugh alone while reading the book and also the first time I cried over Sirius death and so on. It was the most heart-aching part of the series. I can’t help the tears over it. The series also taught me how to use my imagination when reading it, it’s as if I can hear Harry shout “Expeliarmus!” in my ear and the hissing voice of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named as he says the deadly “Aveda Kedavra”.

The movie together with the books as they progressed and grew up together became better and better as time passes by. The Harry Potter Series will be a legend. And as the near is coming, I would love to watch them all over again and read them again too, I will never let you go Harry.

Someday, somehow I’ll be able to give these books to my children and tell them that I had a great childhood because of these series. Till next time Harry and friends!


August 2020