I don’t know

I am one of the most unsure person living in this world. I don’t know what I want, I don’t know what I don’t like. I’m not sure of every decision I make. I usually make a lot of mistakes and regret them because I don’t know what to do when I encounter them. They usually tell me that I should listen to my heart– because somewhere deep within me, there would be a voice that would guide me where I should go or what should I do. But I never heard that voice. All I hear were deafening silence and it scares me. Maybe the voice inside me was never formed, there was never something inside of me that would guide me.

I think with the exception of one thing, I was never really sure of everything. Maybe I’ll know what I wanted for so long when I’ll encounter it. As of now, it’s just a pure haze of nothingness. I can’t even decide what my favorite color is or what handwriting should I use. I get confused by the simple things that I should decide on my life.


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  1. henfre
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 12:51:02

    I have this same problem. Be yourself, they say. Aren’t I already myself, and, how do I know what this self is like that I am supposed to become? I don’t understand. I think this is alright though; it seems to me that lots of poeple share this uncertainty.


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