Winning a game is like making one of your wishes come true. Not that they were impossible, but rather, it isĀ  just too difficult to achieve. And the satisfaction that one can get from a win tournament makes a person so happy. Even if the world has a lot of problem.

We just had one. We had our victory during our first game of this season.A victory that is so satisfying due to the fact that it was never given in the past. And so the victory seems to be so sweet.

We know that we still has many opponents to face, but this first win will never be the last. And it will be our inspiration to do more. To give more. To win more.

The ball is round, and so thus life. Enjoy the moment and live for the moment. And make some goals.


Starting Again

Summer is about to end for me. I mean, a week from now, classes would resume for me. And I guess, I’ll have to start again. Not just in the academe but also in other aspects of my life. I mean, when you are a junior with a lot of things in mind, I guess being serious is a must.

Responsibility is not a burden, as what I had thought it was before. I mean, being responsible means that you are ready to face the real world with a challenging eyes. This may mean that you go out of your shell,or, putting yourself in a more prone-to-hurt place, but i guess, when someone is hurt, the deeper the cut, the richer is his or her experience.

My family decided to move out of our shell. Not because of boredom. Necessity, I guess. And leaving the old place is quiet hurting. Every edge, corner, door, windows, and creaks in that house is a reminder of the child that I was in that place. From the silly things to the good things that had happened there, that is too nostalgic.

But I guess, a new beggining is not that hurtful. Relying on that so old place might be the reason of the stagnation of my family. Maybe moving to a new place might mean that we would be looking for a greener pasture.

I guess, life is a roller-coaster. With every turn, every upside-down, it brings some pretty hilarious way of shouting. A new experience.


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