Babe’s New Puppies

My dog Babe’s got pregnant and gave birth without us knowing it–although when she gave birth, that was the moment that we were informed she was truly pregnant. It was really difficult to detect whether or not your dog is pregnant.

I was playing with her and was cuddling her when I seemed to recognize the changes in her body. I wasn’t even sure that she was indeed pregnant.

Then, I went to Cebu to continue my training. And then my Mother called telling me that my Babes had given birth to 3 puppies–sadly one of them died. That was really sad and scary for me. I was afraid, my baby won’t be able to survive.

Happily she did. Thank God she is safe. I’m happy for the 2 babies that she brought to this world. 🙂



My new addiction is here. 🙂

I’ve been collecting some Spongebob stuffs for quiet some time now.

It started with an oversize shirt  to pillows and now… ERASERS!

Yep, I’ve bought some cute erasers.

Here are they.. :3

The End is Near–Harry Potter 7 Part 2

One decade of giving us the best books and movies along with it. I’m happy to say that I grew up with Harry and his friends and the magical world of Hogwarts.

Like any other Harry Potter fan, I dreamed of receiving my letter from the Headmaster inviting me to Hogwarts. I maybe Muggle-born but I will surely would give 100% of my effort to be as good as Hermione. I wanna shop in Diagon Alley, drink root beers, pick my own wand and a ride from the Hogwarts Express. Gee. I will never be ashamed of dreaming of these things, J.K. Rowling had fueled the dreamer in me through Harry Potter and her mastery over her craft.

I got hooked up from the first book up to the last one. The last book will always be my favorite from the series. The thing about it is that it is an eye-opener. Every secret, every silent efforts were revealed making everything fall into their rightful places. This book gives me so much to remember, not just the words but also the way I felt when reading it.

I used to laugh alone while reading the book and also the first time I cried over Sirius death and so on. It was the most heart-aching part of the series. I can’t help the tears over it. The series also taught me how to use my imagination when reading it, it’s as if I can hear Harry shout “Expeliarmus!” in my ear and the hissing voice of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named as he says the deadly “Aveda Kedavra”.

The movie together with the books as they progressed and grew up together became better and better as time passes by. The Harry Potter Series will be a legend. And as the near is coming, I would love to watch them all over again and read them again too, I will never let you go Harry.

Someday, somehow I’ll be able to give these books to my children and tell them that I had a great childhood because of these series. Till next time Harry and friends!

Spider Man 4 release Date

A lot of people do love Spider Man. So fans, mark your calendar the release date of the Spider Man 4 —- IMax and movie theater version, will be on May 12, 2011.

Everyone will be excited about this.

I hope everyone will love this. And I know that the Administrator of Spider Man 4 will also love this. I hope , May2011 will be here tomorrow. Just kidding.

Taylor and Kanye

The most talked about event that happened at the MTV Video Music Award, is when Rapper Kanye West told Winner Taylor Swift that Beyonce deserves that award. And of course, all people pity Swift for the fact that it was one of her moments, one that she must treasure only to be given a treatment like that. Swift is only 19. That makes everything so wrong.

Everyone were angry at Kanye. But he did try to fix what damage he had done, he apologize to Taylor and her family. Which is good. At least, he had known that he made a mistake. I hope everyone did learn a lesson in this incident.

Destiny: Senju vs. Uchiha

The new episode of Naruto talks about the two races that had been in war since the start of the formation of the villages. This war came from the conflict of the two sons of the Rikudo Sage wherein they posses the powers that were different from each other. The older one posses the “Sage’s Eyes” and a lot of chakra and spiritual energy. While the younger one, posses the “Sage’s Body” and his life and physical energy. The two had a conflicting principle in the Ninja’s World. The older believed that might is the key for peace, while the younger believed that love is the key for peace.

When the Rikudo Sage is in his deathbed he need to choose from his two son who will lead the Ninja World. Since he choose the younger brother, it started the conflict between the brothers. Which then was passed to their descendant.

The brother’s descendant were the Uchiha and the  Senju. And the conflict between the vrother still continues. And all the fight that had happened is destined. From the 1st hokage and the fight against Madara is fated.

While Sasuke and Naruto’s friendship is destined to be destroyed.  Because, Sasuke is an Uchiha. While, Naruto, according to Madar is a Senju, just by seeing him, he feels that he is a Senju.

And so the war between thier races,have to start. What can be the “Child of Destiny ” do? Can he save his friend.

I’m excited for the nextepisode.

Arnel Pineda: a Filipino Icon

Arnel Pineda is the new Filipino lead vocalist of the band Journey.

The story of this man is an inspiring one.

Running away from home so that his father can support his other siblings, is a  heroic act that he did. He suffered a lot in the following years he did spend on the street.

And one thing that ease this pain is his passion for music. Creating a small band, with his friends, Arnel took the first step of his career. One time, he sang a song of the Journey, and a friend of his ask his permission that the video taken from that performance be post on

After a while, the band took notice of the similarities in his voice and the old Journey vocalist. When they contact Arnel and ask him to be part of their band, the young Filipino did not believe them, thinking it was only a prank.

After which, he was invited to the U.S. to formally meet the members of the band, he was not that sure of it.

But after meeting them, he can’t believe his luck.

And so, the training start and we can now see how great he is. He had proven himself to be one of the most respected Filipino.

And for me, Arnel is a Filipino Icon.

New Moon on the go…

The long wait is over…

Twilight-addict, twilight fans, twilighters or whatever you call yourself. New moon’s trailer can now be seen on video feeder sites. Those Bella and Edward fanatics can now see them.

And I guess all of you would love this.


Thanks to YouTube 😉


Jacob seems to be more handsome than before.


Like every Filipino in this country, I am so proud of the People’s Champ achievement. I mean, Mr. Manny Pacquiao had bagged another feather to the cap of each filipino.

And it have been amazing how he had knock out Mr. Hatton. The game was so good. And if you have been there at our house, the excitement was tremendous. It makes everyone of us shout and giggle for joy.

As the first slip of Mr.Hatton happened, everyone were shouting. You can feel the intensity in our house.

Well, I guess Pacman’s victory is God’s plan in his life.

I hope he still wins in his coming games.

Robert Pattinson and Stewart is not dating!!!!

Well, when everyone had accepted the fact that Rob is not dating Kristen, a column in a tabloid was written that the two were seen hhww(holding hands while walking) in a grocery in Vancouver.

Go0sh, it makes all those twilight fans to go on hilarious can-you-believe this news. Of course, everyone wants their idols to be with each other, it’s about those chemistry that all of us had seen in Twilight. And guyz I want to see the next movie. grrrrrr…

But to tell ou frankly, Rob and Kris deny that there was something goint between them. Kris has still his boyfriend and she said she don’t want to break up with him just to satisfy their fans.

They are better off friends right now. Right?

Well, I’m still crossign my fingers on this.

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