311 cases of Influenza A(H1N1) virus

Health Secretary Francisco Duque had told the media that there were 64 new cases of A(h1n1) virus and because of this the total cases of the flu victims had reached 311. 93 of this had been cured. And the good news with this is the fact that no one died from the virus.

Another good news is the announcement of the President that all the patient that will be infected will be given free medication. I hope this will continue.

On the other side, I hope pharmaceutical companies won’t have price-hike that will be a burden to the public.

I really believe that the government and all other units and the World Health Organization are doing everything that they can to contain and kill this virus.


The constitutional assembly

What is the problem of the Constitutional assembly that the Congressmen where pushing through?

First, they want to amend the 1987 Constitution by a joint-assembly with the 24 senators and a triple or more Congressmen.What would happen to the votes of the Senators? If they don’t even make the half of the Congressmen? This means that those anti-Gloria Senators would have no say to the Charter Change that the Congress were pushing through for a long time.

Second, the election is getting closer. The first time that CHA-cha was pushed, we all feared that the 2010 election would vanish. But then, it all appears that there would still be an election but, people would only vote for the Parliament’s assembly. Is this another term for her?

I guess, the rallies that will happen this Wednesday is worth it. I hope those persons who passed the House Representative1109 would heard the pleas of those persons on the street.

I guess a charter change would be acceptabe after the 2010 election. So as everyone is given the chance to pracrice the freedom that was given to us.


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