Amy Winehouse found dead!

While everyone in my country is busy watching the Azkals vs Kuwait’s team game, a bad news struck the international music industry. One of the leading singer of today’s died last July 23, 2011 at her home in London. At the very young age of 27, Amy was gone. And police says that the cause of her death is still unknown, though rumors all over the globe says that it has something to do with her addiction.

A five-time Grammy winner, Amy has done a lot of things in the industry. ¬†Aside from composing songs, she’s also one of the top singer of today’s generation. And so this post is for her, for a great singer– thank you for sharing your talent to us. You’ll always be remembered for your immense talent.



Flash Flood in Davao City

The number of casualties from the June 27th flash flood is still not fixed due to the fact that there are still a lot of people that are missing.

Davao City is one of the cities in the Philippines that is not visited by typhoon. It is a rare situation that a typhoon would visit Davao, for the last thirty years Davao’s typhoon visit is only one. And so, flood is a rare one here.

But last 27th of June, a Thunderstorm hits Davao. Heavy rains pour and around 11 am the water started to rise. Parts of Davao city has been submerged to water. And before anyone can know it the height of the water is almost at the roof.

The aftermath was seen in the morning, around 25 plus people died and some are missing. 25,000 families are affected. Some completely lost their home and some lost everything. Household parts, appliances and cars are everywhere. Evacuation was ordered afterwards and the bridge connecting the southern part of Davao to the Downtown area is inaccessible.

A lot of people suffered from the flood that everyone didn’t anticipate. Until now, the government and other LGU’s and some private organization are trying to fix the problems around Davao.

Davao will be able to rise from this problem as long as people would help each other.

Spider Man 4 release Date

A lot of people do love Spider Man. So fans, mark your calendar the release date of the Spider Man 4 —- IMax and movie theater version, will be on May 12, 2011.

Everyone will be excited about this.

I hope everyone will love this. And I know that the Administrator of Spider Man 4 will also love this. I hope , May2011 will be here tomorrow. Just kidding.

Taylor and Kanye

The most talked about event that happened at the MTV Video Music Award, is when Rapper Kanye West told Winner Taylor Swift that Beyonce deserves that award. And of course, all people pity Swift for the fact that it was one of her moments, one that she must treasure only to be given a treatment like that. Swift is only 19. That makes everything so wrong.

Everyone were angry at Kanye. But he did try to fix what damage he had done, he apologize to Taylor and her family. Which is good. At least, he had known that he made a mistake. I hope everyone did learn a lesson in this incident.

President Aquino dies at 76



The first Filipina President had taken her final breath this morning at 3:18 a.m.

I just want to pay my tribute to this woman. Not because she had died but because i want to thank her for the Democracy that the Philippines have when she overthrow Pres. Marcos’ dictatorship. Giving everybody a chance to be a freeman.

though I know many Filipino are not satisfied with her reign as president. Still, her time is one of the most beautiful presidency in all time.

Far better than the present that we have.


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