The Philippine’s topped the A(h1n1) virus count in SouthEast Asia

Sadly, the Philippines is now the record holder for the highest count of victims of A(h1n1) virus. Just this morning, the total cases of swine flu hasĀ  reached the last two digit—99. This is a little bit alarming for the all Filipinos, because panicking seems to be essential at this point.

A case of death that is not yet confirmed if due to swine flu, is reported from a school in the Philippines. With due to this, parents from that school were terribly panicking and were afraid if their children had contact with that child.

DOH had declared that the people should not panick. For the disease is not yet a major pandemic, they also said that Dengue, a disease brought by mosquito bite, seems to be more fatal than swine flu. Death from Dengue is much higher than in Swine flu and Dengue has no definite cure.


Is this the right time to declare H1N1 flu pandemic?

The WHO(World Health Organization) is trying to decide if it is right to declare that H1N1 flu is pandemic. If they do so, this will be the first declaration in more than 40 years. But they still want to see if countries around the world can handle this so that people won’t panic.

In the phases of the flu, from the WHO 6-phases, it is now in its 5th phase. Because of the spread of a new strain in Australia and North America, they might declare that the virus is in its 6th phase—triggering a full blown pandemic declaration.

With today’s cases, I think people should wait as to when to panic. But this doesn’t mean that we should relax. I guess a little prevention cannot harm anyone. Prevention is really much better than cure.

Let’s just cross our fingers and hope for a better news.


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