Last night, out of the blue he reminded me that “in 1 month and 8 days, we’re gonna be 1 year. ”

Ahw. :”> YES, it will be 1 year of joy ride in this relationship. And I’m excited. I’m always excited to celebrate each month that we had. We’re not perfect and this relationship is not also, but this one is strong. We had our own share of bumps and curves, of highs and downs. And every little detail that you get from any relationship. This one is unique, it’s long distance. But, we made sure that we will be there for each other no matter what.

I think, until now, a lot of people wouldn’t believe that this love is true. That this love is strong enough, maybe for them. But not for us. This is real, we don’t need everyone’s approval to continue this relationship. And I think everyone of us has an idealistic self within us. And I guess, people should stop destroying those parts of other people just because they don’t believe what that person believes in. I think people should start respecting what other people wanted to believe in. And I think this world, would be a better place.

Oh, well, I’m just happy and please be happy for me. 🙂 I love him. ^__^

Spider Man 4 release Date

A lot of people do love Spider Man. So fans, mark your calendar the release date of the Spider Man 4 —- IMax and movie theater version, will be on May 12, 2011.

Everyone will be excited about this.

I hope everyone will love this. And I know that the Administrator of Spider Man 4 will also love this. I hope , May2011 will be here tomorrow. Just kidding.


Winning a game is like making one of your wishes come true. Not that they were impossible, but rather, it is  just too difficult to achieve. And the satisfaction that one can get from a win tournament makes a person so happy. Even if the world has a lot of problem.

We just had one. We had our victory during our first game of this season.A victory that is so satisfying due to the fact that it was never given in the past. And so the victory seems to be so sweet.

We know that we still has many opponents to face, but this first win will never be the last. And it will be our inspiration to do more. To give more. To win more.

The ball is round, and so thus life. Enjoy the moment and live for the moment. And make some goals.


August 2020