Kazekage Vs. Sasuke

The new episode of the famous Naruto series is here. What I really love in this chapter is that, Gaara of the Sand Village—the Kazekage had interfere between the battle of the Raikage and Sasuke. He told Sasuke that they had the same eyes, the eyes that seeks revenge. The eyes, so full of fury and hatred. He offered Sasuke a second chance, a chance to become the Sasuke that they knew. But his siblings told him that Sasuke has no way of having a second chance because he is a criminal.

But then, Sasuke didn’t even try to ask for forgiveness. Because he still wants revenge. And then, they had seen his darkness. The coldness in his chakra. And they had feel his hatred.

But now, Sasuke has to face 5 or 6 opponents. Each with great number of chakras and technique.

Sasuke let them see the third power of the Mangekyu, the Susanoo. They still don’t know the capability of it. But it doesn’t look good.

I’m so excited for the next chapter.


Spider Man 4 release Date

A lot of people do love Spider Man. So fans, mark your calendar the release date of the Spider Man 4 —- IMax and movie theater version, will be on May 12, 2011.

Everyone will be excited about this.

I hope everyone will love this. And I know that the Administrator of Spider Man 4 will also love this. I hope , May2011 will be here tomorrow. Just kidding.

Taylor and Kanye

The most talked about event that happened at the MTV Video Music Award, is when Rapper Kanye West told Winner Taylor Swift that Beyonce deserves that award. And of course, all people pity Swift for the fact that it was one of her moments, one that she must treasure only to be given a treatment like that. Swift is only 19. That makes everything so wrong.

Everyone were angry at Kanye. But he did try to fix what damage he had done, he apologize to Taylor and her family. Which is good. At least, he had known that he made a mistake. I hope everyone did learn a lesson in this incident.

Destiny: Senju vs. Uchiha

The new episode of Naruto talks about the two races that had been in war since the start of the formation of the villages. This war came from the conflict of the two sons of the Rikudo Sage wherein they posses the powers that were different from each other. The older one posses the “Sage’s Eyes” and a lot of chakra and spiritual energy. While the younger one, posses the “Sage’s Body” and his life and physical energy. The two had a conflicting principle in the Ninja’s World. The older believed that might is the key for peace, while the younger believed that love is the key for peace.

When the Rikudo Sage is in his deathbed he need to choose from his two son who will lead the Ninja World. Since he choose the younger brother, it started the conflict between the brothers. Which then was passed to their descendant.

The brother’s descendant were the Uchiha and the  Senju. And the conflict between the vrother still continues. And all the fight that had happened is destined. From the 1st hokage and the fight against Madara is fated.

While Sasuke and Naruto’s friendship is destined to be destroyed.  Because, Sasuke is an Uchiha. While, Naruto, according to Madar is a Senju, just by seeing him, he feels that he is a Senju.

And so the war between thier races,have to start. What can be the “Child of Destiny ” do? Can he save his friend.

I’m excited for the nextepisode.

Assembly On-the-Spot Programming

For the past few days, I have been freaking out due to the fact that our on-the-spot programming(otsp) is coming.

OH, by the way otsp is a programming exam, wherein students are given a set of problem that they needed to program in a limited time. The time can range from 1hour to 3 hours. 1 hour if your instructor is a bit of a terror. And 3 hours if he wants to maximize the laboratory time.

Now, after worrying about it over the weekend. I am so happy due to the fact that I made it. I passed our On the Spot programming in Assembly language. And as far as I know, Assembly is the most difficult language that I had encountered in my Computer Science Life.

But, Gee….

Now, I am really enjoying being a comp sci. Though, I need to prove many things.


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