311 cases of Influenza A(H1N1) virus

Health Secretary Francisco Duque had told the media that there were 64 new cases of A(h1n1) virus and because of this the total cases of the flu victims had reached 311. 93 of this had been cured. And the good news with this is the fact that no one died from the virus.

Another good news is the announcement of the President that all the patient that will be infected will be given free medication. I hope this will continue.

On the other side, I hope pharmaceutical companies won’t have price-hike that will be a burden to the public.

I really believe that the government and all other units and the World Health Organization are doing everything that they can to contain and kill this virus.

Phase 6 declaration by WHO with regards to Influenza A(h1n1)

Just this morning the Department of Health of the Philippines announced that the World Health Organization had declared that Influenza A(h1n1) virus spread had reached the highest rank in the outbreak scheme of WHO.

With this announcement, DOH secretary told the media that it is now the responsibility of the government of the Philippines what rules and regulation to implement to help the cut down of the spread. Though the secretary also said that no community outbreak has been reported, I think prevention is still better.

Closing of schools might happen in Universities or schools if an outbreak is reported in that certain campus, so as to prevent more cases.

The Philippine’s topped the A(h1n1) virus count in SouthEast Asia

Sadly, the Philippines is now the record holder for the highest count of victims of A(h1n1) virus. Just this morning, the total cases of swine flu hasĀ  reached the last two digit—99. This is a little bit alarming for the all Filipinos, because panicking seems to be essential at this point.

A case of death that is not yet confirmed if due to swine flu, is reported from a school in the Philippines. With due to this, parents from that school were terribly panicking and were afraid if their children had contact with that child.

DOH had declared that the people should not panick. For the disease is not yet a major pandemic, they also said that Dengue, a disease brought by mosquito bite, seems to be more fatal than swine flu. Death from Dengue is much higher than in Swine flu and Dengue has no definite cure.

Influenza A(h1n1) up to 54 cases

This afternoon, the news had reported that from 49 the cases jumps to 54. And sadly, 2 schools in Manila suspended their classes due to the fact that a student their had been a carrier. The contact-tracing were done immediately. But I guess, self-quarantine of the students from those schools would help to prevent a community outbreak.

DOH had said that the public must not panic because the strand of the Influenza A(h1n1) is a mild one. That’s why those patients were treated immediately. And their recovery is faster than to other victims from other country.

39 Cases of A(H1N1) virus in the Philippines

Just this morning, the Health Secretary of the Philippines confirmed that there were 6 new cases of influenza A virus in the Philippines, reaching the swine flu cases to 39 people.

The virus that came from Mexico, which then spread to more than 40 countries, and lately the flu had entered the Philippines. This was worsened by the opening of the School year 2009-2010. Students from abroad are going home, and virus-carrier might be one of them.

The Department of Health of the Philippines advised those students to self-quarantine themselves for 10 days to assure that they don’t have the disease by the time they go to school.Spread of the virus is faster in the School premises due to the fact that student interact with each other.

The Department of Education is ready for an outbreak. They would suspend classes if ever a spread would be reported.

I hope the disease won’t spread out.

I know that the government will help us in this.


August 2020