First month in Cebu

I may not be superwoman or will never be any superhero that you’ve heard about. I’m just the girl who wants to achieve something while building relationships with people around me. From my family, friends up to my love life. Yep, just like everyone else, I want to do everything in the right way or in any way as long as I would achieve what I perceive I could.

Since November, I’m staying in Cebu for a training which includes Nihonggo, PhilNits Review and Technical courses. Of course, these are helpful tools that I can use to be globally competitive and at the same time to achieve something, ACTION training is tough. I’ve heard of it’s toughness from people who accomplished a lot because they made it through out of ACTION.

It’s tough, the exams, the vocabularies and all the programming that we are doing. I tried my best to balance everything; but it seems I’m going to lose somethings along the way. But, no the fight is still on, it will never be too late until you quit.

And so, when I go back to Cebu to continue the training, I’ll make sure I can balance everything. 😉


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