Starting Again

Summer is about to end for me. I mean, a week from now, classes would resume for me. And I guess, I’ll have to start again. Not just in the academe but also in other aspects of my life. I mean, when you are a junior with a lot of things in mind, I guess being serious is a must.

Responsibility is not a burden, as what I had thought it was before. I mean, being responsible means that you are ready to face the real world with a challenging eyes. This may mean that you go out of your shell,or, putting yourself in a more prone-to-hurt place, but i guess, when someone is hurt, the deeper the cut, the richer is his or her experience.

My family decided to move out of our shell. Not because of boredom. Necessity, I guess. And leaving the old place is quiet hurting. Every edge, corner, door, windows, and creaks in that house is a reminder of the child that I was in that place. From the silly things to the good things that had happened there, that is too nostalgic.

But I guess, a new beggining is not that hurtful. Relying on that so old place might be the reason of the stagnation of my family. Maybe moving to a new place might mean that we would be looking for a greener pasture.

I guess, life is a roller-coaster. With every turn, every upside-down, it brings some pretty hilarious way of shouting. A new experience.


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